Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 In islam the term fashion is of different as according to the teaching of islam women jut wear the kind od dress that tcover their whole body so that should be avoided to expose.

The Islamic fashion has  being noticed in cuts, hemlines and stitches but it has been also defined in terms of color and pattern. Hence, the plain colored Islamic clothing have now given way to colored hijab and their matching abayas. The designers have now started using stitching, themes, beads and other material for silhouetting your jilbabs , Abayas, Hijabs and many more.

Your Islamic fashion clothes should be long, loose fitted and certainly not transparent. The Muslim women should also cover their heads with the hijabs. Well, there are so many designs to choose from. Ranging from the classic black and trendy urban styles to the more western styles you can get the Islamic fashion dresses to match with your every mood and to gel with your every occasion. Even you can get the designer ones.

As they say, you are spoilt for choice; so much to choose from! And if you are banking on the abayas, kaftans or the jilbabs for daily use then remember to keep the glitter and glitz to a minimum. It is indeed a good idea to go for a casual and simple look for everyday wear, and to leave the glitter and glitz for those special evening occasions.

 In fact, fashion and style has been reckoned as the statement of lifestyle and Islamic fashion has yet again proved that black still stands as the most fashionable colors to bank on whilst revamping your wardrobe. Well then this season the black Abaya can stand as the perfect backdrop to display those creative sequin works. And if you are in the mood of some real cool style then don in your bright tunic to match with your black pants to look fabulous!

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