Friday, December 12, 2014


Fatmah Yakub is a Tanzanian-born abaya designer and the first African luxury abaya designer . 

 Fatmah is the founder of her luxury abaya brand "An Nisa" which is Arabic for "the women" and it is definitely a brand that celebrates the femininity of a woman while retaining that element of modesty.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


We love learning new hairstyles, dyeing our hair new colors, and doing a DIY hair mask, but when it comes down to it, the more shortcuts we can take with our hair, the better. That doesn’t mean cutting corners, necessarily, but simply learning the worthwhile tricks that really work. 

For the subtle highlights for the summer, Squeeze out an entire lemon into a dish, dip a clean toothbrush into the juice, and gently comb it through your hair. Then, go sit in the sun for about 45 minutes to an hour (wearing SPF, of course!). Do this once every two weeks or so and the lemon juice will naturally lighten your hair in the sun.

Get rid of static in your hair by using dryer sheets. With one sheet, smooth it over your entire head going from root to ends. To avoid getting static altogether, rub the dryer sheets on your brushes and combs before using them on your hair.

Make your ponytail look fuller by using the hair clip trick. Pull your hair into a ponytail at the back of the crown of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Separate it into two sections (top and bottom), and with a small-to-medium sized claw hair clip, clip hair at the base of the ponytail, underneath the top section. Place the top section of hair over the clip and spray a bit of dry shampoo to get a fuller texture and hide the clip.

To remove all of the build up that can happen in your hair (oil and product build up can clog up your scalp and put a halt on your hair growing!) mix baking soda in water to create a paste, and use that to wash your hair. Rinse the baking soda out with a mixture of apple cider vinegar for a completely natural, clean head of hair.

Baby hairs and cowlicks are incredibly annoying, but there’s a way to tame them. Spray a toothbrush with strong hold hairspray and comb down the baby hairs and cowlicks so they’ll sit with the rest of your hair.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help to prevent hair breakage and damage that can happen in the middle of the night as you toss and turn. Cotton and other textures mixed with your hair moving back and forth can create friction, which is what can cause the hair to break.

A lot of the time, girls with brunette or red hair shy away from dry shampoo because of the white residue that is often left over. DIY your own dry shampoo for darker hair so that you can skip washing your hair! Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, and a dash of cinnamon. Apply at your roots and shake through with your fingers for a refreshed head of hair!

If it takes you a very long time to straighten your hair, you may have the temperature setting on your flat iron too low, which means you need to go over the same pieces of hair multiple times, which can cause more damage. Instead, turn up the heat (to a mid-high temperature) so that you can go for a single pass and decrease damage.

Protect your hair from chlorine in the pool by completely wetting your hair and saturating it in conditioner, leaving it wet. Your hair will soak up the chlorine-free water and conditioner instead of the pool water, which will prevent the damage and color turning that chlorine can do.

Reduce frizz by drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel, then blow drying on the cool setting. Regular towels can cause a ton of friction which disrupt the cuticle and create frizz, so cotton t-shirts absorb water without causing friction. Make sure to squeeze your hair, not to rub it, while drying (which can, surprise, create more frizz-making friction). Blow drying on the cool setting to keep the cuticle closed, which won’t make as much of a frizzy mess as the hot setting.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Solange Knowles wed music producer Alan Ferguson, 51, on Sunday (November 16) in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
The stunning bride, 28, was joined by her 10-year-old son Julez at the lavish ceremony.
The bride’s famous sister, Grammy Award-winning singer Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, were photographed at the posh event. Both sporting white, the pop superstars brought along their 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy the to fun family affair.
The bride and groom – who were seen riding bicycles just hours before the ceremony – posed for pics before saying “I do.” Solange looked chic in a white Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit in the pre-wedding bike ride.
During the wedding ceremony, the bride wore a stunning floor-length gown with an attached cape created by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. Post-ceremony, guests paraded down the street in the French Quarter, waving sparklers and dancing.
Looking every bit the proud big sister, Beyoncé Instagrammed some photos from the stunning event. In a group shot, the Knowles sisters stood with their mother Tina and some other family members. 
The Bootylicious singer, 33, looked amazing in a fitted white dress,
 while mama Tina kept it classy in a long-sleeve, floor length gown.
This is Knowles’ second marriage; she wed Daniel Smith in 2004 when she was 17,
 and had Julez with him. They split in 2007.

Monday, November 24, 2014


These are the fastest cars in the world as of last year that you can legally drive on the streets today. 
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (France) 
The Bugatti Veyron line has been widely accepted as one of the fastest street-legal cars in the world since 2005 when they first went in production. But Bugatti hasn’t stopped, producing newer and faster models of the Veyron every year or so. All of their tinkering over the past eight years has accumulated to the pantie-dropping-ly beautiful, aneurysm-inducing-ly fast Veyron Super Sport, the current first place holder.

Hennessey Venom GT (USA)
Though it has only reached one (only one) mile per hour of velocity under that of the Veyron Super Sport, American hyper-car brand Hennessey claims that given enough space, the Venom GT can reach a top speed of a staggering 275 mph. Because its claimed ability is so much more than that of the Veyron, and because the tested speed came so close to it, we had to implement a tie for first place.

Koenigsegg Agera R (Sweden)
The Swedish brand has always been a bit of an enigma in the car world, with unverified rumors of speed records and controversies over street-legality. Fortunately, this model has been officially clocked at 260 mph and, luckily enough, it is one of few Koenigseggs that are street-legal in the United States. Unfortunately, you still can’t afford it.

SSC (Shelby Super Cars) Ultimate Aero (USA)
Shelby is the closest thing to a turf rival that Hennessey has, as they both produce only limited-edition hyper-cars and souped-up versions of domestic brands’ sportier vehicles such as Ford Mustangs, Cadillac CT-Vs, Dodge SRTs, and the like. The Ultimate Aero held the title of the fastest car in the world for three years from 2007 to 2010, until the contenders above surpassed its performance and pushed it to third. Maybe SSC’s upcoming Tuatura can claim it back.

9ff GT9-R (Germany)
The 9ff is a German tuning company (similar to Hennessey and Shelby) operating out of Dortmund, and the GT9-R is its revision of the Porsche Carrera. Keeping consistent with Porsche’s ability to be quick, the GT9-R can hit 60 mph in under three seconds. So if you ever take it off the track, remember to put a stopper in your coffee.

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo (USA)
One of the older cars on the list, the S7 came into production in 2000. As the first true (and prevailing) contender to the likes of the McLaren F1, the S7 gained praise for its 8-mile-per-hour dominance as well as its innovative styling, mixing a cutely bug-eyed face with a mean vent-covered body.

Koenigsegg CCX (Sweden)
A predecessor of the Agera R, the CCX first appeared in American markets in 2006. Again, this Koenigsegg is in fact USA-approved, but you’d have to sell your house to afford it.

McLaren F1 (Great Britain)
The McLaren F1, first on production in 1992, is a legend in the racing world, far surpassing the abilities of other track contenders of the nineties and even of opponents today. It’s really more suitable in a museum than in a garage.

Zenvo ST1 (Denmark)
You read that right – number seven hails from Denmark. Only 15 cars are made, and Zenvo guarantees pan-continental house calls if your ST1 needs maintenance.

Pagani Huayra (Italy)
Paganis are crazy fast and crazy cool. Any preteen who knows his cars will tell you a Pagani is the first thing on his lottery money wish list, right before the trophy wife that comes with it. Unfortunately for them, Paganis aren’t street-legal in the U.S. so for now expect to find them on the streets of Monaco and in the driveways of eccentric Russian mobsters and Arab sheikhs.

Gumpert Apollo (Germany)
A bit clunky, but it gets the job done. That is, of course, if the job is to give whiplash to unsuspecting passengers. It definitely looks menacing and its counterpart the Apollo R (though not as fast) looks even meaner.

Noble M600 (Great Britain)
It’s quite vanilla. But despite the M600 being both the most simply styled and the least expensive on the list (though neither are saying much), it hauls ass. It’s discrete when you need it to be and an eye-catcher when you want it to be.

Lamborghini Veneno (Italy)
Hint: Paint matte black to feel more like Batman. Of course, only Bruce Wayne has the money and connections to obtain a Veneno, as not only does the price tag rest just under $4 million, but only three of the Italian bulls (as all Lambos are named after fighting bulls) were made worldwide. Not even the pope could get one.

Ferrari LaFerrari (Italy)
The only hybrid on the list, the upcoming LaFerrari is a reincarnation of the legendary Enzo. Hopefully there won’t be as many LaFerrari crashes as was the case with its forefather (consult YouTube if you don’t understand the reference), as it is one of the leanest, most beautiful Ferraris of the 21st century. With edges so sharp and fine, you can cut yourself just by glancing by it too quickly.

Aston Martin One-77 (Great Britain)
The next logical trade-in for James Bond, the One-77 is as sexy as, and faster than, any Aston; and it’s easy to imagine rocket launchers popping out of the long hood or huge grill. Plus, much like Mr. Bond’s female acquaintances, the One-77 seems like something we’d like to wake up to in the morning.


If you dream of a perfect pert bottom then you need to try these exercises, either at home or in the gym.


This single leg glute bridge directly targets your bottom muscles but seriously tightens abs too. Lie on your back with legs bent, your left foot flat on the floor and the right raised. This is your start position. Push through the heel of your left foot and lift your hips and bum up as high as you can. Pause for two or three seconds before lowering your bottom back to the floor. Repeat for 12 reps on each leg.


These reverse lunges target cellulite by giving your circulation a serious boost.
From a standing position, bring your left knee up as high as you can in front of you.
    Lunge backwards with the same leg, maintaining good posture by keeping your shoulders back and your head up. Return to the start position and repeat for 12 reps, before swapping legs.


Step ups focus on your glutes to create a fab bum while getting your blood flowing.
Using a step high enough to create a challenge, place one foot on it and push up to lift your body. Your other leg should stay off the step, slightly raised off the ground.
    Put all your weight on the leg pushing your weight up. As you slowly come down squeeze your glute muscles, then gently place your other leg on the ground.
    Repeat this exercise for 12 reps, before swapping legs.


By slowly extending your legs your muscles tighten, which leads to an overall tighter bum.
Stand upright and slowly extend your leg behind your body.

    Remember to squeeze your glutes while in motion to take full advantage of your workout.
    Bring your leg down to the start position and repeat for three sets of 15 repetitions
    Switch legs and repeat on the opposite side.


Shortly after high school, Zuhair Murad moved from Beirut to Paris where he obtained his degree in fashion. 

In 1999 Zuhair Murad made his first appearance on the catwalks of Rome with an acclaimed collection that led to his participation in the Italian calendar.

 In 1995, Zuhair Murad opened his third head shop in Beirut. His extensive lines encompass haute coutureready-to-wearaccessories and eyewear

Plans to expand the fashion line are underway to include beauty productsperfumesswimwear and lingerie as well as furnishings

Two boutiques (including showrooms) have been opened. The first in Beirut on Charles Helou Avenue and the second on rue Francois I in Paris

He also has a showroom in Milan on rue Borgogna. 

He also designed Miss France's dress Chloé Mortaud for Miss Universe 2009 and 5 dresses for the final of Miss France 2010. 

Florence Welch was last seen wearing one of his creations during the Brits awards. 

His dress was silver silk with gold and silver beaded designs.

Princess al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia wore his creation when she attended the wedding of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Blake Lively was also wearing a Zuhair Murad dress from his Spring 2012 Couture collection at the worldwide premier of her new movie "SAVAGES" at Westwood Village.

Marion CotillardTaylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Ivana TrumpCheryl Fernandez-VersiniBeyoncé KnowlesJennifer LopezKellie PicklerShakiraKaty PerryChristina Applegate,Vanessa Williams, Ana Ortiz, and many more have been seen wearing his dresses. 

He has also dressed the likes of Najwa Karam, in her video clips, "Lashhad Hobbak" and "MaFi Noum."

Miley Cyrus was seen wearing one of his creations at the Academy Awards.

Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez wore his creations at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards

Nina DobrevChristina AguileraWanda Sykes, and singer Jewel were seen wearing Zuhair Murad dresses at the 2010 Emmy Awards.

 Kerry Washington wore one of his gowns at the2011 Emmy Awards. Cheryl Cole wore one of his designs on The X Factor.  Fergie has аlso worn his designs.

 Kristen Stewart wore a Zuhair Murad dress at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival for a screening of her 2012 film On the Road and also at the premiere in Los Angeles of her film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2