Monday, October 31, 2011


Synthetic or Human hair wigs?
Synthetic wigs may be the best choice if you have a short hairstyle. The drawbacks would be that they tend to be stiffer than those made of human hair and their fiber may frizz because of heat or rubbing on the collar of a blouse. Also, the base may cause some irritation to sensitive skin in some cases.

The major benefits for synthetic hair wigs include:
  • Synthetic wigs don’t require special care
  • Affordable prices between $40 and $800
  • Can be purchased immediately or delivered very quickly
  • Permanent color
Human hair wigs are generally more expensive, but look and feel the most natural. Other advantages of human hair wigs include: They are the best choice for longer hairstyles.They flow just like grown hair, are soft to the touch and definitely last longer than synthetic ones. Prepare, though, to take care of human hair wigs as you would your own hair.

Blends of human hair and synthetic fiber may also be available, but while these wigs may provide some of the advantages of both types (natural feel of the human hair and style keeping of the synthetics), they can be more difficult to maintain or repair.

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