Sunday, February 19, 2012


Classiness and femininity are the main style directions and fashion is providing a wide array of choices that are sure to make us look and feel polished and ultra seductive. Elegance, classiness and a touch of minimalism define the Donna Karan spring/summer 2012 dresses collection. Classicism, versatility, functionality and a sense of modernism are definitely the main focus of the collection that features options managing to suit a multitude of social situations. Those who are looking to make a good impression and those who are in the need for attire that is professionally suitable will definitely find the dresses appealing.

From mid length dresses to floor length ones, the characteristics of the dresses seem to be remarkably similar. The preference for subtle textural details instead of ultra flashy prints or ostentatious tones that will invariably attract attention, and the preference for mostly neutral tones with a few bold hues every now and then are interesting and give diversity to the collection. Asymmetric touches are another focus and it appears that one shoulder dresses are having a small moment in the designer's style focuses.

Prints make a brief appearance as well and it appears that the designer ditches popular choices like floral and animal prints for a more abstract, ethnic vibe that adds diversity and allure and a greater ability to stand out without going overboard. Body hugging gowns also dominate as the emphasis on fit and silhouette sculpting has gained a highly valued status for the year, not necessarily solely for the spring summer season trends.

As appealing as one might find flirty day dresses, the evening gowns are the ones that ultimately steal the spotlight. If short dresses, prints and color combos are seen as an easy way to spice up one's look, for evening dresses, monochromatic options are seen as more sophisticated and even more flattering.

Strapless mermaid dresses are seen as the epitome of elegance while embellishments like crystals and well placed sheen accents are considered a way to raise a minimalistic piece to the state of masterpiece.

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