Thursday, April 12, 2012


First and the easiest makeup tip to make your eyes look bigger is to curl eyelashes. But don’t forget that it should be done before applying mascara. Still if you forget to do it before applying your mascara, be sure to wait until the mascara has dried completely and only after that curl them.

If you believe that there is no need in applying mascara on your bottom lashes. You are mistaken! The ruse is to know how much to use on those bottom lashes! First apply mascara to the top lashes. Then, with mascara remains left on your brush, apply it to your bottom lashes.

Another trick to make your eyes look bigger is to use the creamy white eyeliner pencil. To get this look, simply line the bottom eyelids with the creamy white eye pencil. Also use this soft color on the inside corner of both the upper and lower eyelids.

To make your eyes look bigger, you must also pay attention to your eyebrows. Be sure you pluck them well. And it would be much better to visit a professional to get your brows waxed. A professional stylist can help you to shape them properly. Also slight arch brows can help to make your eyes look bigger.

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