Monday, August 13, 2012


Many people with a flair for fashion think they could make it as a stylist but often don’t realise what goes into creating a successful career. It’s not just about having a strong sense of style and a love of fashion.

There are so many different jobs for stylists, from editorial shoots for magazines to TV, film and celebrity styling, from catwalk shows to retailers and brands

Have the right attitude
First, you need the right attitude and drive to become skilful at what you do – it takes determination, focus and patience to build a reputation in the styling industry. Approach everything you do with passion and stand out from the competition by going just that little bit further. Be a team player – there’s no room for divas

Apply for work experience/internships
Experience goes a long way and stylists need to build a working portfolio. Many brands and media offer work experience or internships to aspiring stylists, so keep an eye on the press for opportunities and make it known you’re looking to gain experience

Don’t underestimate the knowledge you’ll need
Immerse yourself in current trends but also look back over the decades and learn about the history of fashion so you can set today’s looks in context and have the knowledge from which to draw inspiration

Create contacts with established and emerging fashion photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers with a view to working together even in a ‘test’ environment, where you all come together to create images for your portfolio
A first and second meeting may be free, but you never know where it might lead. Communicate with your contacts on an ongoing basis and never take no to mean 'no’' take it as 'just not right now'. Leave it a while and re-contact. Keep your happy, smiley face with every contact you make. Friendly determination will pay dividends in the end if you’re a winner at what you do

Don’t just go for the glamour
keep open minded as to what type of work you want to do. Often it’s the less glamorous jobs that help pay the bills and lead to meeting great new contacts, which open up further opportunities and more exciting projects

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