Thursday, February 14, 2013


Apply it first to the innermost corners of the eyes and evenly spread it with your index finger blending it to the surrounding skin. Cover any other skin defects, such as pigment spots or pimples.

Apply evenly to the whole face always striving to achieve as natural look as possible.

Apply freely with a brush to fixate makeup.

First remove the extra hairs with tweezers if necessary. Underline the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil and brush them upward and outward with an eyebrow brush. You can use eye shadows instead of eyebrow pencil. Apply them with a small applicator brush and smooth out with your finger to achieve a softer and more natural look.

Use it to highlight the eyes with the appropriate color.

Eye shadows
Use natural tones over the eyelids and darker tones in the fold of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye.

Apply to eye lashes in order to lengthen or thicken them as needed.

Should be applied over the cheekbone with upward strokes

Lipstick and lip liner
Use lipstick one tone darker than your natural lip color. Trace the lips with a pencil in the same tone. Mix the pencil with the lipstick using a small lipstick brush to create a more natural look. Finally add a touch of lip gloss to make the lips juicy and attractive.

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