Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The Escada spring/summer 2013 collection abounds in interesting outfit ideas for the new season. Escada's mission is to provide fashionable modern alternatives for women who love glamour and feminine vibes and the new line definitely encapsulates these principles. 

The new offerings are trendy without losing the classy allure and can be combined in a multitude of fabulous ways. This season, bold color combos are stealing the spotlight and the new Escada offerings are interesting alternatives that can instantly draw all eyes on you.

The high emphasis on abstract prints is also found in the new Escada 2013 collection in plenty of exciting combos. The geometric accent is easily noticeable even though artsy touches are also present. 

The outfits are fairly straight forward, with strong contrasts and well defined proportions being the main style rules which create interest. Though Escada jeans and other denim pieces are included in the new collection, this season, the stars of the Escada dresses are the unquestionable stars of the new line.

Minimalist accents can be easily observed both when it comes to day dresses and evening gowns. The label brings a variety of body con dresses which can put emphasis on your curves. When it comes to the new season Escada bags, classy clutches dominate. The tones might be trendy, however the refinement is the buzzword for each of the new season offerings comprised in the latest Escada collection. The shoes, on the other hand, are kept in the inconspicuous range for maximum versatility.

An interesting thing about the new Escada collection is the fact that elegant jumpsuits are seen as the ideal way to make a statement. Bold fashionistas might even be inspired by a head-to-toe version of the new style. Still, if you're not ready to go that far there are a myriad of fabulous printed pieces which can provide the visual interest you're craving during the hot months of this year.

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