Monday, August 5, 2013


Kids love interesting and colorful stuffs. They will not enjoy being in the room with boring decorations. Actually it is not difficult to deal with kids bedroom decor because most of them love fantasy themes and characters. Little girls usually love princesses, flowers, and other girly items. Pink is very identical with them. 

So if you want to add interest to the kids bedroom d├ęcor, adjust to their preferences. On the contrary, boys would prefer sporty themes, heroes, and other strong characters. They will grumble if you decorate their room with flowers accessories. That was how to determine kids bedroom decor by gender. 

Bedroom decorations should be age appropriate. If your kids are too young to understand design, they must agree with any decor you add to their bedroom. The story would be different if they have grown up and know what they want. It’s going to be easier to pick kids bedroom decor at this age. 

If you have no clue on what to pick, just ask them about what they like. Kids love different things, some of them like robots, some like animals, some like abstract images, and so on. It would be difficult if they don’t know what they want. 

In such a moment, we recommend you to choose the most popular characters, such as spider-man, superman, naruto, Toy Story characters, etc. Little girls will love Disney princesses, like-Ariel or Jasmine. But anyway, they have many things in common so that it’s not difficult to choose the design.

For older kids, they will be more assertive about their wishes. At this stage, it’s so easy to determine the kids bedroom decor. Please communicate with them about the appropriate design for the bedroom. 

You can ask your kids to be directly involved in selecting the design. Kids grow quickly, so you can’t stick with only one design. What they liked when they were little doesn’t reflect what their favorite now. 

You may need to change the theme of the bedroom totally in every 5 years. When it comes to total remodeling, then a big budget must be prepared. 

Buying a few gallons of paint and other equipment is not cheap. To avoid this from happening, use removable kids bedroom decor. Stickers and paintings are two of the most common choices.

When you use bedroom wall decor like decals or stickers, you just have to remove them when you want to switch to a new design. Same with paintings, you only need to replace it with a new one. But paintings can be priced so high, thus stickers are the best choice for budget decorating. 

This will not happen if you decorate the bedroom by painting the walls. Anytime you want to change the style, you should be ready with a few gallons of paint. And you also have to hire a painter if you can’t do it yourself. 

Which one would you go for? All of them come with advantages and disadvantages. In terms of price, they are equal though.

Is there a cheaper way to decorate the bedroom? Nope, we think that was cheapest solution. If you want to look for expensive kids bedroom decor, you can find a bunch out there. Each element will determine how much you will spend. 

For example, furniture pieces, they have a lot of variations in size and price. The price is also determined by what material they use. Most furniture pieces are made of wood and some types of wood are expensive. 

So we can’t say that furniture is expensive or cheap because there are a lot of things involved. Do not just concern on the walls. They are not the only part of the bedroom that can be decorated. 

There are still the bed, the table, the wardrobe, etc. To reduce costs, decorate only some parts of the bedroom. 

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