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Clear oils and dirt from skin
Wash your face twice a day to remove the dust and oils from your skin. Lemon is one of the best natural remedy with bleaching properties that help in clearing the dirt from skin and making it non sticky and beautiful. 

Citric acid in lemon cleans skin naturally and vitamin C helps in reducing the darkness and dark spots by increasing the cell renewal process. After the lemon treatment place cucumber slices on skin. Water content in cucumber helps to skin making it soft and moisturized.

Steaming is helpful for unlocking the skin pores and washing out the oils from it. Add hot water to a bowl and allow steam to pass to your skin. This will help in clearing impurities making skin soft. Exfoliate your skin by making a paste of natural ingredients. Mix drops of lemon to gram flour plus 1 spoon of honey and aloe gel and little water. Mix them well and apply it to your face. Let it remain for 20 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water. This is an excellent remedy for to get clear skin.

Remove dark spots to get clear skin
Dark spots and scars are the result of improper skin care during acne. Lack of proper care during pimples leaves behind dark scars. These tips will erase dark spots and scars from skin making it clear. Increase the vitamin C content in your diet to clear the scars and spots from skin. Vitamin C produces collagen that quickly repairs skin making it beautiful.

Rub lemon or orange juice to lighten your dark spots.
Apply aloe vera face mask to provide anti-oxidants to skin treating scars and making skin look young. Aloe gel provides moisture and contains cleansing agents that help in cleaning skin. Rub potato slices to your face for lightening the pimple scars and black spots. Catecholase in potato is a skin lightening enzyme that helps in clearing skin and making it fair. You can exfoliate skin with egg and turmeric mixture. Egg has acids that help in clearing and removing wrinkles and dark spots from skin while turmeric is an anti-septic skin lightening agent making skin clear and glowing.

Clear acne from skin
Neem is one of the best anti-bacterial natural product for killing the bacteria from skin and reducing acne. Wash some neem leaves and make a paste os it. Apply it to your pimples daily for 10 minutes for clearing your acne problem. Again aloe-vera gel is one of the most suitable product for removing acne from skin. Since its gel is anti-septic it has powers to kill germs from skin making it healthy. Turmeric paste is also a good anti-septic and skin lightening agent that helps in clearing acne leaving behind no scars.

Clear dry skin
Moisturizing is the best way to get rid of dry skin. Apply honey to your skin and let it dry. Water content in honey deeply moisturizes skin making it soft. It also helps in removing dry skin flakes and helping you to get rid of dry rough skin. Almond, nuts, spinach, avocado are some vitamin E rich foods that help to hydrate skin from inside. Olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil contains anti-oxidants and vitamin E that helps to clear dry skin from face and hands making skin soft and moisturised. Apply olive oil to your dry skin for 15 minutes daily and then rinse it off with water. Use moisturizing soaps to stay away from dry skin problem. Low quality soaps tend to remove moisture from skin making it dry. Make a paste of avocado and use it as a skin moisturizing mask. Avocado has vitamin E and moisturizing extracts that helps to clear dry skin. Avocado extracts are widely used in skin moisturizing products.

Clear stretch marks from skin
Stretch marks are caused when skin stretches over its flexible limit. Aloe Vera , olive oil are some natural remedies to clear stretch marks from skin. Massage aloe gel to your skin for lightening your marks. Anti-oxidants and moisture in aloe gel helps to fix skin problem quickly. Natural oils like olive oil, almonds oil are also very effective in clearing marks from skin. Apply these oils to skin before bed and wash it in morning. Apply milk cream to the affected area for 20 minutes daily. Mix lemon juice to apple and cucumber paste and apply it to your skin for lightening the stretch marks and getting clear skin.

Remove wrinkles from skin
Anti-oxidant rich foods like tomato, strawberries, Raspberry, blueberry, plums, apples etc are some great foods that help in keeping skin young. Also aloe vera gel, olive oil are good source of anti-oxidants.You can prepare facial masks out of them to clear the lines from face.

 Tomato is one of the most available product in kitchens. Make a paste of two toatoes plus aloe gel and apply it to your skin. Anti-oxidants in tomato will eliminate wrinkles making your skin young and glowing. Also apples work great in reducing the lines from skin. Apply apple honey mixture pack to your face for 20 minutes and make your skin clear and beautiful. Strawberry facial packs work great in eliminating old looking skin and giving you a flawless look.

Food for nice and clear skin
Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in fruits, vegetables have proved to be very helpful for improving the condition of skin. Fruits like banana, papaya, apple, oranges, berries and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, lemon contain good source of skin cleansing agents. Antioxidants in these foods help to slow down the ageing process that keep skin clear from wrinkles while moisture makes skin soft and smooth.

Other home remedies for clear skin
 Rub ice cubes to improve the circulation of blood to skin for making it clear and glowing.Wash your face twice or thrice a day to remove the dirt from skin. This precaution will prevent acne breakouts and blackheads on skin. Keep your skin always moisturized to prevent it from drying and becoming oily.

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