Sunday, February 6, 2011


We all agree that Valentine's Day is one special moment. Every single detail is extremely important when getting ready for such a day, starting with the outfit and accessories and ending with makeup and hairstyle. In order to look sexy and gorgeous, take a look to these Valentine's Day hairstyles ideas that will certainly boost your self-confidence and reveal your most feminine and lovely side.

It is already known the fact that soft waves and curls are so romantic. They perfectly frame a lovely face, falling gently over the shoulders in the most feminine and sweet way ever. Waves are just fabulous and they look amazing even when worn in an effortless style, rather undone, as they bring movement into your hair.

They work great on straight hair as you can easily make them using a curling iron. For a more bohemian, angel-like, yet glam appearance, keep your curls more loose by running your fingers through in order to separate and define the waves.

On the other hand, if you are more into the ladylike, glossy looks, you can try some chic waves. For this, you should make gentle curls into your hair.

In order to obtain a spectacular hairstyle with a retro effect, use a soft bristle brush starting from roots to ends, making beautiful, sexy waves. As a final step, apply some serum through the ends.

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