Monday, September 1, 2014


Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope is also known as Skipping. It is the easiest way of transforming your body. This exercise burns enough calories per minute as compare to other workouts. All you need to require a rope to jump and right intention. Jump as much as you can and burns as much as calories per minute. 
The best thing about this workout is that it can be done with your children’s also. But every exercise need a particular environment such as Fresh and Airy EnvironmentWarm Up and Rope long enough as per your height.
Do as much as you can. In the staring, just do counting by jumping 20 to 25 times. Increase the numbers of jumps in every session of Jumping Rope. Take 5 minutes of nap for relaxing the body. After a week you will definitely feel change some change body structure.


The squats are the full body exercise that must be involved in the Body Transformation Workout by females. Squats is the exercise meant for all your body parts. Squats are meant for quads, your glutes, hamstrings and for the lower back. Squats are the exercise which completely transforms your body. Stand keeping proper distance between the legs.
Bend your butt down in 90 degrees and move your hands straights. after you do it for 5 minutes, return back to the original. You have to put all the weights on your heels rather on your toes. If you have good height then your knees should not be extended to the length of toes. Now move slowly in the earlier posture to complete the squats.

Squats can also be done with the Dumbles which is known as Weighted Squats. People do not try to do weighted squats until you perform Body weight squats.


Push-up is that exercise which is attempted by a few people. This exercise is a bit harder as it requires lot of physical strength. 

But If one is going to do push-up then it will surely transform her body.Nothing much is require to do push up. Steps to do Pushup is as follows 

First lie on the floor
Keep your hands on the floor
Now lift your body up and your elbows in the 90 degrees
Now again lift your body down
Do it for 3,4 times at the initial level.

To tone up the muscles of legs, female are usually suggested to do Lunges. This exercise shows you the perfect result as it isolates every leg individually. 
I suggest you do 3 sets of 10 lunges a day for best results. This is the best exercise to transform your lower body.
Swimming not only transform your body but it also reduces your depression. It is among the best exercise to transform your body in shorter period. Swimming strengthen your core as well as boost up you muscles. It also help reducing depression or sadness. It refreshes the mind and also the become relax.
There are so many benefits of Running. It enhances heart health, improve digestion, reduce depression, burns mega calorie and also improves over all health. Running in the early morning hours is the most beneficial treatment for the heart patient.
A Cycling is the best among best workout which can be done on daily basis. Cycling is the best workout for the lower body. It improves or strengthen your legs, arms and back.It also helps in pure blood circulation and reduces hearts problems. It also decreased cholesterol in the body.

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