Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Lookin for Something to wear for an event .......You don’t want to stand out that much but You don’t want to look manang either.

Classic & Sophisticated
Wearing something classic and simple is safe, cheaper and won’t go out-of-date. Put on A Little Black Dress. Then wear some bold accessories for an updated look – like bangles, stoned necklaces, layered necklaces or fringe earrings. An affordable black dress can cost from 35,000 - 100,000 TShs.

Hip & Young

wear something youthful and colorful like bright colors, patterned prints with flowing skirts. If you choose to be in a printed dress with bold designs, you’re good to go with just a simple set of jewelries.

Something Fab

Well in case you’re not satisfied with the classic or hip style, then you have to shift to an updated fab dress. The style may sound vague so it’s still up to your taste what looks good on you – it may be a mini dress with leggings, a shoulder padded dress, a cocktail dress with black blazer, etc. Just don’t forget to wear high heeled platforms and layered bracelet cuffs.

It would be better if you already have a desired look in your mind before shopping. It will save your time and energy when you plan your style ahead. I cannot suggest specific brands you can check because dresses are available everywhere (Mitumba shops, boutiques ect).  I believe it’s not about the brand but your taste in clothes. Always remember that your dress color should complement your skin tone and its fabric must flatter your figure.

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