Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Whether you call it a living room, family room, or den, this room is a place to unwind, recharge, and spend time with family and friends.

With an empty living room space, you have multiple options for decorating. To get started on your decorating project, you will need the money to purchase or rent your items and an idea of what kind of style you prefer in your living room space. From traditional to more contemporary, you can follow these guidelines for decorating.

Clean the space so you have an empty canvas to work from. If you have hardwood floors, sweep them and determine if you need to have the floors mopped and/or buffed. For carpet flooring, first vacuum the floors and decide if you need professional carpet cleaning.

Find the focal point of the room to determine how to purchase and place furniture. Your focal point could be a great view from large bay windows or it could be a fireplace.

Measure your space to fit the type of furniture that you prefer. If seating is a priority, be sure you have space for a large couch, a love seat, an over-sized chair and ottoman or recliner, depending upon what you like. Determine which additional pieces of furniture you may need such as tables, book shelves and entertainment center.

Shop and purchase the relevant furniture to fit your space. Pick out furniture with attractive colors and patterns so that they compliment your room. Depending upon the existing color of the room, chose furniture patterns. You may need to repaint your room prior to placing the furniture.

Move your furniture into the space. Determine what accessories you need, such as curtains, ceiling fan, wall hangings, accent pillows, rugs, lamps, accent figurines or decorations.

Place appropriate AV equipment, if desired. Include a television, stereo, video player and/or gaming equipment.

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