Thursday, September 30, 2010


Judges sit ready for selecting 16 emaerging designers,from left to right is Mama Nshao Shalua,Mr. Charles Washoma and Mr. Manju Msita.

Sketches from different emerging designers who compete for Ermerging Designers Competition

Three eminent Panelists Sit for Emerging Designer’s Competition Selection
16 Semi Finalist Named for the emerging designers Competition

“Contemporary Swahili" is the Theme of 2010 Competition

16 out of 31 neo talents have been selected as semi-finalist, for the Swahili Fashion Week 2010 Emerging Designer of the year Award.

The selection which was held on
29 September 2010 at the Southern Sun Hotel where 16 emerging designers were selected by a Panelist of Three Judges. The Judges were renowned designer Manju Msitta of Smart Afrika Design Label, Charles Washoma, CEO of African Life assurance and One of Dar es Salaams Fashionable man and Director of arts Nsao Shalua of Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (National arts Council)

The selected 16 semi-finalist will once again yet undergo an Intensive Selection to select the 8 Finalist who shall compete for the prestigious title during the Swahili Fashion Week to be held in November this year.

Swahili Fashion week Fashion Coordinator Washington Benbella Commented “The response has been tremendous, and the Zeal and zest shown by the amazing talent we have in this country is phenomenal, but the journey of those who weren’t selected should not end here and not give up on their passion”

The semi-finals selections are Zarina Suleiman, Pooja Narendrakumar Jeshang, Abduel Urasa, ShaibMfaume, Annette Ngogi, Mwajabu Sadiki, Diana Malenge, Mgece Makory, Omary Bundalah, Kelvin Boniface, Subira Rahma Wahure, Nadia.
A. Ahmed, Angelina Muna, Jacqueline Chipeta, Bumi Musese and Grace Kijo.

The judges were looking at various criteria to choose the candidates based upon the designers ability to sketch, sketch attractiveness, creativity, color and thematic relation.

Swahili Fashion Week is a platform for designers - both fashion and accessory - from Swahili speaking countries to showcase their creativity, market their art and network with their clientele. This is all aimed at promoting fashion as an income generating, job creating industry while emphasizing a “Made in
East Africa “concept.

Initiating a dynamic and promising platform for the fashion industry in the region, Swahili Fashion Week is geared towards being the most sought out after fashion platform in
Eastern Africa for the international market.

The third annual Swahili Fashion Week will take this November in
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The competition, now in its third year has no age limit, and was open to anyone who believes he or she has the creative talent to be a fashion designer. “Swahili Fashion week is the perfect platform for a designer to showcases his creation, and the emerging designers competition, is a stage to jump start off ones career.” Added Mustafa Hassanali Swahili Fashion Week organizer



SFW is a platform for designers from Swahili Speaking Countries to showcase their creativity, Initiating a dynamic & promising fashion industry.

It is geared towards being the most sought out after platform in Eastern Africa for International market.

An eclectic mix of Swahili culture ensconced with chic style; Swahili Fashion week is the dawn of a new era. Initiating a dynamic and promising platform for the fashion industry in East Africa.

The Swahili Fashion Week is a coming together of talented designers from across the country under one stand to showcase their unique and truly African creations.

This is not only a potential point for existing designers but also an opportune moment for upcoming aspiring designers in the region.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fougere stands for the meaning fern like. This is one of the family of perfumes where modern perfume are divided. In this class of fragrance The basic accord of the perfume comes with top note of wonderful lavender. Though sometimes bergamot is also used as the top note.

The base note comes with coumarin and oakmoss. This category of fragrances is generally dedicated to men. So, if your man madly loves perfumes, just make sure that you know about best fougere perfumes of the world and help your man to make individualized style statement.

Some of the Top  Perfumes

Paul Smith For Men Aftershave: Fashion giant Paul Smith has intended to help your man to make his style statement with Paul Smith For Men Aftershave. An aftershave lotion with a touch of sophistication, expect everything. This green and fresh fragrance has a top note of bergamot and sweet orange which is further enhanced by basil. The middle note comes with fig and violet and the end note with musk and iris.

Lacoste Style In Play Aftershave: The invigorating and fresh scent for those men who want to achieve more. For competitive and active men, this aftershave is must. It is full of energy and life. With fruity open and deep base of Musk and Vetiver pick for your man.

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Fraicheur: The unusual and the enchanting aftershave provides an oriental scent. The middle note comes with cedar, bark and vanilla, The marine and the sea breeze notes gives you a rich invigorating masculine scent.

Canoe: Another male fougere that will surely change the definition of masculine. Concept with nice blend of wond4erul fragrances. It includes lemon, oak moss and citrus. The perfume is sure to make your man smell breezy.

Havana: A perfume with a touch of sensation from Aramis. The top notes has brich, coriander, juniper, tar, grapefruit and orange. The end note comes has the fineness of vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.

Guerlain Mitsuoko: This sensous fougere perfume was created in the year 1919. The high note of the perfume has made it quite popualr among the men, thus making it a prefect gift for your anniversary. The perfume can be called a good blend of sweetness and headiness.

Aigner No 1: Looking for aromatic and spicy fragrance? Aigner No 1 is one of the most vigorous perfumes of the world for men that stands smartly in the list.

Cool Water: Men are active, men are competitive. Thus, one must need refreshing fragrance. Made from the combination of lavender, musk and menthe gift your men Cool Water and let him stay cool forever.


Showering has become a normal routine for most of us in this part of the world. Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, jump in the shower and get ready for our busy day. This is a habit we have grown up with and will continue for many years to come.

When we shower we usually use some bath and body products. We have shampoo for our hair and a form of soap for our skin and body. But how many of us have really spent time to read and understand what are the ingredients used in these products?

Most of men clean themselves with bath soaps or shower gel. They use them everyday to wash and clean off their body during shower. However, soap or shower gel can do a lot more than just clean off dirt. In fact, our daily soap affects your skin. It can dry it out, or add moisture. There's why alot of companies design special moisturizing soap or shower gel to help with skin issues, such as body acne or dry skin issues that bothering most of us here.

The important thing when looking at bath and body products is to understand that all of those ingredients are being absorbed in to your skin, so when purchasing your soap or shower gel, it is always important to pay attention to the what's main ingredients are. Some will contain a lot of chemicals that can potentially irritate the skin or dry it out. Since everything is absorbed that you put on your skin, you will also be absorbing those chemicals in to your body.

That is why organic moisturizing soap or shower gel use full natural ingredients. Our skin does much better when chemicals are not involved. It also the reason why organic products are so well received in recent years.

So start to read the main ingredients of your moisturizing soap or shower gel today, and do some research to understand these ingredients that you are applying on your skin everyday will definitely help you to prevent any potential skin diseases.