Monday, January 26, 2015


No matter how much experience we have when it comes to dating one thing never changes, we are never quite sure what to wear on a first date regardless of the occasion. While choosing the perfect outfit can be nerve wracking learning what clothing items you should avoid can make things a lot easier.
Dating seems to be a game with never ending hidden rules you only begin to discover as you gain more experience. However, certain misjudgments when it comes to choosing outfits can lead to some awkward and embarrassing situations that can be really damaging to one's ego. 
Learning to understand certain key points when it comes to how most guys really think about fashion is one of the smartest ways in which we can score a few points and impress the guy we like.
It is not advisable to wear new clothing items at a first date as there's a high change you might feel uncomfortable and you will inevitably appear less attractive than you could be.
Avoid clothes that are prone to 'accidents' such as low rinse jeans that could make the panty line visible or blouses with a cleavage that might reveal more than you want to show at the slightest wrong move.

Uncomfortable clothes and shoes are another no since they will make you seem insecure and might even give the impression that you are trying too hard.

Harem pants
You might know that harem pants are highly fashionable and stylish but harem pants are one of those trends guys just don't get. Since they will most likely do very little to flatter your lower body half it's best to leave them at home and to wear them on other occasions.

It is not advisable to go for baggy denim overalls or loose fitting jumpsuits. The main reason you might want to avoid this clothing item is that it might make your date to believe that you have not put to much effort in creating an outfit. 

Aside from not doing too much to highlight your features, jumpsuits are harder to wear than it might seem at a first glance and only flatter certain specific body types.

Knitwear and frills
Think twice before making knitted item part of your date outfit. If we are truly honest with ourselves we will admit that these items are more appropriate for a ski trip than as a day to day wear and most guys seem to share this opinion as well.

 As far as frills are concerned the less is more rule applies wholeheartedly. Keep frills at a bare minimum to avoid looking unflattering.

Dramatic oversized jewelry
Most guys are trying to get an overall idea of your general signature style and are less interested in your knowledge about the latest fashion trends. 

Although oversized jewelry can be great when you are trying to make a fashion statement, it can be seen as too much, especially if it tends to make various noises as you move along drawing unwanted attention.

Killer heals and tight shorts
Most outfits involving shorts and high heels are probably ones that will be too revealing. While it can be tempting to wear revealing clothes that show off your body it's important not to go to extremes. That doesn't mean that you have to go for long skirts or office style clothing. It simply means that you have to maintain a proper balance and to avoid giving the impression that your outfit is unfinished.

Overly flashy items
Outfits that combine too many glitter and strong colors will most likely be a turn off. While wearing sequined clothing is not necessarily a bad idea, especially if the style of the date encourages this type of outfit moderation is crucial. Also make sure to create a proper balance between colors to be able to create a sexy yet tasteful outfit.

Make sure you ask your date what he is planning on wearing to be able to choose something similar so the two of you don't look awkward together. 

While the place you plan on going often offers valuable clues as to what the dress code should be, sometimes to persons have very different interpretations as to what these rules are and how they should be applied.