Thursday, September 10, 2015


Based on Lauren Weisberger’s homonymous 2003 novel, The Devil Wears Prada tells the story of a young girl, Andrea Sachs (played by Anne Hathaway) struggling to survive in her job at one of the most illustrious fashion magazines in the world as co-assistant to editor in chief Miranda Priestly (interpreted by Meryl Streep). The great cast boasts also Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci. Meryl Streep gained her 14th Oscar as Best Actess for her outstanding interpretation of Priestly, a character probably inspired by US Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

If you are considered of one of the greatest names in fashion history, who had such an incredible story, you deserve more than just one movie about your life! There are several movies about Saint Laurent: “L’amour fou” (2010) tells the life story of this great designer from the perspective of his big love, soul mate and business partner Pierre BergĂ©. In 2014 there were even two movies released telling the live of Yves Saint Laurent: Saint aurent and Yves Saint Laurent, which is named as the best one.

To perfect our knowledge about the biggest fashion designer, we were blessed when Coco Chanel was released in 2009. A very nice movie showing the early life of Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel, the big designer who relieved women from the corsage in the late twenties. A very well done and romantic movie with the charming Audrey Tautou in the leading role.

Factory girl is the biopic based on the life of 1960s iconic superstar and Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick, starring Sienna Miller. A modern interpretation of one the most popular fashion myths of the 60s, which however received lots of negative critiques by the living representatives of the Factory. For a deeper look at the life of the incredible Edie it’s worth watching the docu-film Ciao! Manhattan where Edie and the other characters play the role of themselves.

Coming from one fashion icon to the next one: Valentino Garavani.
This movie shows the life of Valentino and is very amusing and adorable. You really get the feeling to meet the legendary designer through this movie or at least you seem to know him as good as an old friend after you watched this funny and emotional movie about a man who reached for the stars and really got them.

Karl Lagerfeld is not only creative director for Fendi and Coco Chanel, which is considered as the most famous fashion brand in the world, he is a brand by himself! With his white ponytail, black sunglasses and high starched collars he has become a legend in the fashion industry. Lagerfeld Confidential gives you a really deep insight of Karl Lagerfeld as a designer and as a person. If you want to talk about fashion, this documentary simply mustn’t miss in your movie collection.

GIA 1998
A grammy-winning fashion drama tells the true story about Gia Carangi starring Angelina Jolie, that shows the up’s and down’s of being a supermodel in the eighties, fighting with temptations like drugs and the exploding sex-scene from these century. Gia was one of the first famous women who died of HIV. A good insight of the fashion scene in a very wild and obsessive time period.