Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Purple is known to be a great match with various colors, and that’s what you will also see here—different color matches.

 Every color combination has its own glamour, and we’re pretty sure each one of you has her own preference.

 Just check the PICS out and get totally inspired!!

 Use your own imagination and creation to find the perfect LOOKS for you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Having smooth and glowing skin is everyone’s dream specially women are keenly interested in the beauty of their skin. Glowing skin adds the beauty of face and makes the women prominent among others. During winter skin become dry and hard and there is need to take special care of skin in summer season. Here are some natural tips for your convenience that will make your skin glowing and smooth and you will feel the difference.

Rubbing a piece of papaya on face and neck can give better results regarding smooth and glowing skin.

Make a paste of mashed banana and milk and apply on face for 20 minutes. Then wash the face with cold water. Your skin will glow.

Honey is the best for all types of skins and you can apply honey on face and neck for some minutes and then wash. You will see that your skin is much smooth and glowing than before.

Mixture of honey and egg white is also very useful for making skin glow and smooth.

Paste of fresh fenugreek leaves give better results for skin problems as pimples, early appearance of wrinkles, blackheads and dryness of face skin.

Mix lemon juice, honey and vegetable oil together and apply on face for 10 minutes and see the results.

Cucumber is much better for having soft, smooth and glowing skin. Mix them in milk and use as cleaners.

Apply Vaseline on your body after shower and again take shower after 1 hour. Practice it twice in a month. It will smooth your body skin.

Boil cabbage in water and use that water for washing your face. It is much better for smooth and glowing skin.

Apply a mixture of honey and milk on your face as it will clean your skin and you will find soft, smooth and glowing skin.


To give your kitchen decoration more vitality, nothing’s better than a touch of color! A touch of color can revive the kitchen ambience and make it look more vivid especially if you choose a vibrant color, such as red, orange, yellow…etc. The backsplash in the kitchen is an important part of its decoration as it sublimates the look and makes the link between the kitchen furniture. 
So, if you consider adding a lively color to energize your kitchen ambience, the backsplash can help you by taking this colorful touch. Check out this fabulous selection of the prettiest colorful kitchen backsplash ideas. 
Purple, which is a delicate & feminine, yet very contemporary color, is an excellent choice for your kitchen backsplash. Purple will give the kitchen decoration more cheeriness while matching perfectly with white, black or wood furniture and stainless steel elements
Yellow is sure to revive the kitchen atmosphere—sunny and delightful, it will illuminate the look with only a few touches. Combine a yellow backsplash with a white kitchen and add some grey touches for a more contemporary look.
To warm the kitchen in a joyful way, orange is the answer! A backsplash in a delicious orange color will be the masterpiece of your kitchen, associate it with furniture and flooring in a neutral color like light grey for example—the result is so attractive and super trendy. 
Want a feminine touch in your kitchen? Why not paint your backsplash in soft pink? With white furniture, this color will bring charm and delight to the whole. A backsplash in a green-apple color will create a dynamic atmosphere in a kitchen with white furniture; this color can even continue on the rest of the wall to make a contrast with white for a springy effect that’s irresistible. 
Red is able to give your kitchen a special character with its daring tone and attractive look, a red backsplash will look so fashionable especially when it’s associated with black or grey kitchen furniture. 
Even if gray is not a color per se, yet it will look great on your backsplash providing style and elegance. Being very trendy, it will match easily with the rest of your kitchen furniture.


Selection of jewellery for brides is a very exciting activity while preparing for a wedding day but it needs much care and planning. 

Selected jewellery should be in best combination to wedding dress and other arrangements. 

Here are the tradional bridal jewellery sets that will give you an idea to select best trendy jewellery set for your wedding day.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The Pronovias Glamour Bridal Collection for 2013 is probably one of the most extensive bridal collections out there. There are some special dresses like a halter-neck dress and a high-neck dress but the vast majority are the strapless bustier gowns. 
 This is without a doubt the most popular wedding dress style nowadays and Pronovias understands this very well. If you want to tie the knot in this style then look no further, Pronovias definitely has the right dress for you! Of course there are a couple of one-shoulder looks and even dresses with shoulder straps, but with this collection Pronovias has really focused on the strapless bustier gown and so will we. 

 The skirts are versatile with ruffles, layers, plain taffeta or lace appliqué. The most popular style for the skirts of these strapless bustier gowns seems to be the normal A-line skirt. However, if you want to show off your curves, there are a few mermaid dresses to be found in this collection as well.

 When it comes to the bustier tops, some of the dresses have embellishments around the waist or right under the bust. Both locations have the same purpose: drawing the attention to the narrowest part of your body—your waist.

 Other dresses feature some embellishments towards the left or right side of the waist in the shape of some flowers. The goal is essentially the same: Show off your hourglass shape. Exactly how tiny your waist is, is even further emphasized by the big A-line skirts. After all, nothing shows off a tiny waist like a big puffy skirt.

  It’s all in the juxtaposition! Two of the strapless bustier dresses have a dropped waist, accentuated by either some rhinestones on the side for an asymmetric look or a horizontal embellishment with both ruffles and rhinestones. Most dresses have a small train of no more than half a meter, but some of them take it one step further and sport a respectable train of around one meter. Perfect for a bride who loves a dramatic look!


As women go deeper into each trend, they learn much about elegance and how to show a feminine look during special occasions and celebrations. The best way to do that is by trying new make-up ideas as a matter of style and an affordable change in the whole appearance through simple steps. 
Eyelash extensions have become a lovely trend that women andyoung  ladies yearn to wear. They allow you to obtain a super feminine look with the simplest eye shadow lines and you can also stick crystal accessories on them. Eyelash extensions come in many colours  basically brown and black. 
They give you the festive looks needed for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and they suit all costumes and evening dresses.Another trend has appeared to create fabulous eye make-up designs: eye beads and crystal accessories. Eye beads come as tiny coloured pearls and crystals which you stick around your eye or on your eyelashes to get beautiful artwork. 
Such beads can be used with or without long eyelashes, eye make-up  and eye shadow drawings due to the feminine look they give. Some people use liquid eye glitter or common glitter which they stick around the eyes in artistic patterns. 
The same 3 ideas can be done on any part of your body, but are mostly done on the neck and face to complete the look with the eye make-up.


When using cosmetics we trust that they will improve the health of our skin and make us look more beautiful. However, it turns out that sometimes cosmetics may contain harmful or hazardous substances. The worst part is that not all of them are listed on the label, which includes only the basic ingredients.

Alcohol is not right for everyone
Lotions containing alcohol can safely be recommended to anyone with oily skin prone to inflammation, since alcohol has drying and disinfecting properties. Yet the amount of alcohol in such products should not exceed 15-17%. If your skin is dry, you should avoid using alcohol-containing cosmetics. Otherwise your skin will start flaking and will feel tight and stretched on your face. Forget about alcohol lotions in the winter when the skin is subject to so many unpleasant influences – cold weather, sudden changes in temperature, dry air, etc.

Paraffin aids the formation of blackheads
Paraffin is often an ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics. However, it is not recommended for problem skin – oily or mixed type. It creates a thin coat over the skin which prevents the disposal of toxins through the pores and hinders the access of oxygen. As a result, the skin loses its smoothness and elasticity. Paraffin, however is irreplaceable when it comes to softening the hands. It has a warming effect and speeds metabolism.

Mineral oils clog the pores
This is why they can cause inflammations and allergic reactions. The film that they create over the epidermis protects it from dehydration but it also prevents additional moisturizing. Besides, mineral substances are harder to absorb and hinder the cellular exchange processes. Also, let’s not forget that paraffin and mineral oils are derivatives of petrol.

Glycerin dehydrates
In days past glycerin was considered an excellent moisturizer. It is now known that in large amounts it can be harmful, especially to dry skin, because it draws moisture from the deeper layers of the skin. If you have a need for moisturizing, be very careful what amounts of glycerin are contained in the product you are planning to use. Forget about glycerin soap which was so popular at one time. Using body gel or liquid soap is way pleasanter and better for the skin.

Natural plant extracts may cause 
allergic reactions
This is especially true for people who have a previous history of allergies. If your skin reddens and feels hot when you are picking chamomile from the garden, you should be very careful when using cosmetics containing chamomile extract. You should also avoid shampoos and lotions mentioning chamomile among their ingredients. When you suspect an allergic reaction, immediately seek medical help.

Retinoid have side-effects
Retinoid are derivatives of vitamin A. They are among the most effectual cosmetic ingredients not only because vitamin A is one of the chief anti-oxidants, but also because they are great for treating acne. However, if they are to do the work properly, they need consistency – retinoid lotion should be used daily for at least a year before any noticeable effects take place. Retinol also has some widely known side-effects and contraindications. It should not be used during pregnancy, when taking medication containing tetracycline, on hyper-sensitive skin or on wounds and mechanically damaged areas. The side-effects mostly include dryness, flaking, irritation and itchiness. Dermatologists are of the opinion that retinol should be limited or completely avoided during the summer because it heightens the skin’s sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and increases the risk of skin cancer.

Glycolic acids can form red spots
These acids are often used in beauty salons especially in procedures such as oxygen peeling, which are painless and efficient. They are recommended for acne, rashes, age spots and pigmentation irregularities. However, these acids have certain contraindications – pregnancy, nursing, advanced herpes, colds, wounds and scratches. Besides, if the peeling is not professionally done, hard to treat, strong, red spots may appear on the skin.