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When using cosmetics we trust that they will improve the health of our skin and make us look more beautiful. However, it turns out that sometimes cosmetics may contain harmful or hazardous substances. The worst part is that not all of them are listed on the label, which includes only the basic ingredients.

Alcohol is not right for everyone
Lotions containing alcohol can safely be recommended to anyone with oily skin prone to inflammation, since alcohol has drying and disinfecting properties. Yet the amount of alcohol in such products should not exceed 15-17%. If your skin is dry, you should avoid using alcohol-containing cosmetics. Otherwise your skin will start flaking and will feel tight and stretched on your face. Forget about alcohol lotions in the winter when the skin is subject to so many unpleasant influences – cold weather, sudden changes in temperature, dry air, etc.

Paraffin aids the formation of blackheads
Paraffin is often an ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics. However, it is not recommended for problem skin – oily or mixed type. It creates a thin coat over the skin which prevents the disposal of toxins through the pores and hinders the access of oxygen. As a result, the skin loses its smoothness and elasticity. Paraffin, however is irreplaceable when it comes to softening the hands. It has a warming effect and speeds metabolism.

Mineral oils clog the pores
This is why they can cause inflammations and allergic reactions. The film that they create over the epidermis protects it from dehydration but it also prevents additional moisturizing. Besides, mineral substances are harder to absorb and hinder the cellular exchange processes. Also, let’s not forget that paraffin and mineral oils are derivatives of petrol.

Glycerin dehydrates
In days past glycerin was considered an excellent moisturizer. It is now known that in large amounts it can be harmful, especially to dry skin, because it draws moisture from the deeper layers of the skin. If you have a need for moisturizing, be very careful what amounts of glycerin are contained in the product you are planning to use. Forget about glycerin soap which was so popular at one time. Using body gel or liquid soap is way pleasanter and better for the skin.

Natural plant extracts may cause 
allergic reactions
This is especially true for people who have a previous history of allergies. If your skin reddens and feels hot when you are picking chamomile from the garden, you should be very careful when using cosmetics containing chamomile extract. You should also avoid shampoos and lotions mentioning chamomile among their ingredients. When you suspect an allergic reaction, immediately seek medical help.

Retinoid have side-effects
Retinoid are derivatives of vitamin A. They are among the most effectual cosmetic ingredients not only because vitamin A is one of the chief anti-oxidants, but also because they are great for treating acne. However, if they are to do the work properly, they need consistency – retinoid lotion should be used daily for at least a year before any noticeable effects take place. Retinol also has some widely known side-effects and contraindications. It should not be used during pregnancy, when taking medication containing tetracycline, on hyper-sensitive skin or on wounds and mechanically damaged areas. The side-effects mostly include dryness, flaking, irritation and itchiness. Dermatologists are of the opinion that retinol should be limited or completely avoided during the summer because it heightens the skin’s sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and increases the risk of skin cancer.

Glycolic acids can form red spots
These acids are often used in beauty salons especially in procedures such as oxygen peeling, which are painless and efficient. They are recommended for acne, rashes, age spots and pigmentation irregularities. However, these acids have certain contraindications – pregnancy, nursing, advanced herpes, colds, wounds and scratches. Besides, if the peeling is not professionally done, hard to treat, strong, red spots may appear on the skin.

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