Sunday, February 19, 2012


Classiness and femininity are the main style directions and fashion is providing a wide array of choices that are sure to make us look and feel polished and ultra seductive. Elegance, classiness and a touch of minimalism define the Donna Karan spring/summer 2012 dresses collection. Classicism, versatility, functionality and a sense of modernism are definitely the main focus of the collection that features options managing to suit a multitude of social situations. Those who are looking to make a good impression and those who are in the need for attire that is professionally suitable will definitely find the dresses appealing.

From mid length dresses to floor length ones, the characteristics of the dresses seem to be remarkably similar. The preference for subtle textural details instead of ultra flashy prints or ostentatious tones that will invariably attract attention, and the preference for mostly neutral tones with a few bold hues every now and then are interesting and give diversity to the collection. Asymmetric touches are another focus and it appears that one shoulder dresses are having a small moment in the designer's style focuses.

Prints make a brief appearance as well and it appears that the designer ditches popular choices like floral and animal prints for a more abstract, ethnic vibe that adds diversity and allure and a greater ability to stand out without going overboard. Body hugging gowns also dominate as the emphasis on fit and silhouette sculpting has gained a highly valued status for the year, not necessarily solely for the spring summer season trends.

As appealing as one might find flirty day dresses, the evening gowns are the ones that ultimately steal the spotlight. If short dresses, prints and color combos are seen as an easy way to spice up one's look, for evening dresses, monochromatic options are seen as more sophisticated and even more flattering.

Strapless mermaid dresses are seen as the epitome of elegance while embellishments like crystals and well placed sheen accents are considered a way to raise a minimalistic piece to the state of masterpiece.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Rihanna & Katy Perry

L. L. COOL j & Billy

Jessie & Taylor Swift

Kelly Rowland & Anne

Alicia Keys & Kate Beckinsale

Fergie, Alicia & Swizz

Carrie Underwood & Kelly Osbourne

Paris Hilton & Diana Ross

Amber Rose & Lily Aldridge


Greasy spots on your face can ruin your appearance. In order to feel confident and preserve the flawless condition of your complexion it is wise to experiment with these 6 natural tips to get rid of oily skin below. Blackheads and pimples won't be a problem anymore if you complement your skin care regime with a few additional rituals. Prepare revitalizing and cleansing facials which load your skin cells with antioxidants and vitamins

Salt Spray
Grab a medium-sized bottle and pour a tiny amount of salt in it. Then add a tiny amount of water to create the perfect mixture to banish your oily complexion. Make sure the salt is dissolved and spray a tiny amount of this lotion on the affected areas. Use a paper towel to dry your skin and enjoy the soft texture of your complexion without any greasy spots. Repeat this ritual at least once a day for dazzling results.

Cucumber and Lime Juice
Create the secret recipe to get rid of oily skin in a flash. Mix 1tsp of cucumber juice with lime juice and use a cotton ball to apply it on the greasy sections at least 30 minutes before taking a bath.  This is one of the expert tricks you can also use during your revitalizing beauty sesh. Let your pores absorb this treatment and provide your skin cells with the necessary antioxidant dose.

Green Clay and Honey
Are you ready to kiss goodbye to your oily complexion? In a medium bowl mix 1tsp of green clay powder with 1tsp of honey. After you've obtained the right mixture all you have to do is apply it on the affected sections. Leave the facial on for 15 minutes then wash it off with tepid water. Repeat this treatment at least twice a week to make sure you do everything to prevent the formation of acne and blackheads.

Cold Water
The simplest solution to get rid of oily skin is icy water. Keep a bowl of water in your fridge to have it at hand. This beauty maneuver will help you keep your complexion in top condition especially during a party event or when preparing for a special date. Spray a tiny amount of ice cold water on your face at least 3-4 per day before leaving your home. The treatment will do magic with the sebum production of your skin and will close your pores immediately.

Rosewater and Red Sandalwood
Women in India use these two ingredients to preserve their spotless skin condition. Cleanse your pores from toxins and excessive sebum with a natural facial. Mix 2tbs of sandalwood powder with a tiny amount of rosewater in order to prepare a fine paste. Wash your face with pure water first then apply the facial on the affected spots. Leave the treatment on for 15-20 minutes and finish up your beauty ritual by rinsing off the mask with lukewarm water.

Tomato Puree
Create a fine tomato puree and apply it on your face. According to skin specialists this veggie has the power to dry out oil glands without creating a dehydrated and flaky effect to your skin. Apply the treatment on the affected sections and leave it on for 5-7 minutes. Finally wash the puree off with tepid water. Soon you'll notice the positive impact of this facial on your complexion.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012 collection lines up a parade of beautiful silhouettes with a restrained and at the same time breath-taking elegance.

The Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012 collection follows the progress of the ever-evolving needs of the style armada, however, the atelier also flaunts its loyalty to traditional and age old fashion design patterns. Juggling with ultra-defined shapes and sculpting real style artworks from the otherwise pretty fluid velvet is the real ace in the sleeve of Sarah Burton.

Grown-up glamor is fused with the vulnerability of a real princess who wears breath-taking ball gowns and silky coats which accentuate her hourglass figure. Full skirts decorated with crafty embroideries and high-impact appliques make up the core of the memorable collection. Look out for the outfit repertoire which shows you the woman you want to be!

The Victorian Era as the time of glamor left us a generous and dazzling style legacy. Sarah Burton decided to use these gifts and incorporate them into the pre-fall collection. Skirts take the center stage and become the real jewelry pieces of the show. As the designer claims, “They are kind of velvet wheels, I suppose!”. The belted mid-section along with the voluminous silhouette give these haute couture dresses and skirts a revolutionary and luxurious feel. With the chosen chromatic palette the visionary designer uses to preserve the Renaissance and slightly understated aura of these ensembles. Aubergine, black, burgundy and last but not least oxblood red are the only hues used to set the perfect atmosphere of this reverie.

Despite the abundance of colors used by other designers to help us break with the tradition of a gloomy season chromatic palette, Sarah Burton cultivates a more temperate style of color selection and sticks to universally-flattering shades. Adding a few ultra-impressive and floor-sweeping evening gowns to the collection proved to be a remarkable weapon to melt the heart of all red-carpet-worthy fashionistas.


Upgrade your nails to perfection, so you can be the attraction at every event. From sophisticated to simple monochrome, the new nail art designs created by professionals and nail enthusiasts are super hard to resist, so let your imagination run wild and explore the following bedazzled nail art designs for summer 2012

Marbled effect nail art designs look amazing and give a sense of high sophistication, although the creation process covers a low skill level. Whether creating the desired marbled effect using a nail art needle or by turning towards water nail art, the effect obtained will be fabulous. The key to obtaining the perfect marbled effect is to mix two contrasting hues that emphasize the mixed pattern of the design

Two of the hottest details in fashion this upcoming season pose as a great option to obtain an ultra seductive nail art design. Lace and animal prints can make the delice of your manicure, so dare to experiment. Obtaining such a look is not difficult but if you're not too confident in your own skills, you can turn towards Konad nail art stamps and obtain a perfect lace or animal print motif every single time and with a minimum amount of effort.

Pastel colored nails never fail when it comes to the hot season, so pick your favorite new season pastels and create intricate nail art deigns fit for a diva. 

Floral pastels, stripes, ombre pastel nails or other intricate designs featuring pastel colors and add-ons will contribute greatly to your new season look, so dare to mix and match and create an array of warm and colorful nail art designs that suit your fun and flirty personality perfectly.