Wednesday, October 16, 2013


You know that eating breakfast  is important. But did you realize that some a.m. choices can set the tone for how you feel the rest of your day. Not only that, but eating a healthy breakfast every morning can reduce the risk for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Here you will get the scoop on which breakfast foods to avoid.
Processed meat has nitrates that are associated with colorectal cancer. In fact, the Institute for Cancer Research published a list of the top ten things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer. Avoiding nitrates is a number one of them. What does that mean for morning meat eaters? It is time to find a different breakfast option.
How can you tell the difference between a bad sugary cereal and a good one for your health? Some cereals are full of carbs and sugar. When you eat them, your blood sugar rapidly spikes and then bottoms out. Since you probably do not want your energy to crash at the beginning of the day, it is best to avoid those cereals. 
Instead, choose cereals with higher fiber and protein. Do you seek for another option? Add ground flaxseed or walnuts for more protein and fiber.
While natural maple syrup is a healthy sweetener, there are many artificial types of syrup on the market that are full of high fructose corn syrup. The sweetener, which is derived from corn, is also present in most processed and packaged foods. 
High fructose corn syrup can lead to more abdominal obesity and visceral fat, which is stored between the organs. This is the fat that leads to cancer. 

Monday, October 7, 2013


The Rita Ora for DKNY resort 2014 campaign is finally out. It wasn't exactly a surprise that the singer will be representing the label, as we've seen some photos back in July, but now the campaign was unveiled in its entirety. 
The singer replaced her BFF, model Cara Delevingne from the position. The newDKNY resort 2014 campaign was lensed by talented photographer Lachlan Bailey. At a single glimpse at the new ads, it becomes easy to notice two things: one, Rita Ora is a natural and two, the new alternatives are surprisingly similar to her recent Material Girl campaign in the sense that the overall vibe is pretty much the same.
The star looks confident and fierce in the new ads which feature a multitude of youthful and bold pieces. If there's anyone who can make color blocking streetwear apparel seem 
She seems determined to conquer the big city as she climbs on top of a cab wearing a head turning outfit and a huge smile which seems to indicate that the position suits her like a glove. When it comes to 2014 fashion, it seems like the love for vivid tones hasn't dwindled one bit for the label.
Gorgeous cobalt blue, magenta, gold and black are the label's choices for the upcoming season. As for the overall vibe, urban yet effortlessly sophisticated seems the to be the main intention. Not too shabby, considering the fact that the DKNY label was born out of the designer's desire to keep her daughter from borrowing her clothes! “I created DKNY because of Gabby. She kept borrowing my clothes and I was like, 'This has got to stop!”, she stated a while back.
The Rita Ora for DKNY resort 2014 campaign will most likely not be a time thing one, considering the fact the she closed the DKNY spring 2014 show and celebrated the label's 25th anniversary together with the brand. We sure wouldn't mind seeing more of Rita's cool personality being infused in the upcoming DKNY 2014 ad campaigns.