Monday, September 30, 2013


Drinking lemon water is regarded by many professional nutritionists as having real and palpable weight-loss powers. Far from a weight loss myth, but, rather, a weight loss reality, drinking lemon water helps to speed up weight loss. In addition to possessing properties that are favorable to weight loss, drinking lemon water also ensures that some of the toxins in your body are cleaned out, promotes quick bursts of energy and even cleans out some of your internal waste. 

If you drink lemon water in the morning especially, it will help to activate your body's detoxifying process and also its natural cleansing process. This principle works proportionally, so the more lemon water you drink, the more you ought to speed up weight loss.

Advantages of Drinking Lemon Water
Drinking lemon water has shown demonstrable results in terms of weight loss, and the reasons for that are very easy to understand. First of all, the combination of lemon and water is one that is made up of natural ingredients; natural substances (those without any kind of additives, preservatives or processed elements) are the healthiest for the human body. 
Due to lemon water being natural, it adds no calories to your body each time you drink it. Think of it in this way: Let's say you replace whatever you enjoy drinking daily with lemon water. 
This could be anything as innocuous as fruit juice or really unhealthy stuff like soda. Even fruit juices contain calories, but lemon water has zero. Imagine further that you replace the drinks with lemon water every day for months or even a year. This absence of calories you would otherwise take in from other kinds of drinks will go a long way to helping you lose weight.
Cleans out Your Waste Better
If your colon is not cleansed properly, there is lingering waste that can build up and, among other things, contribute to raising the risk of colon cancer over time. This buildup of lingering waste also adds weight to your body, so if you drink lemon water regularly, it's cleaned out of your bowels with greater frequency. 
The result of this is that you will lose some weight just from the removal of this lingering waste. Lemon water also helps out the digestive system by reducing the chances for diarrhea and constipation, because it promotes fluid bowel functions.
Reduces Hunger Cravings
Because of pectin fiber's presence in lemon, lemon water has the effect of reducing your hunger. If you have tried to kill your appetite in the past with such drinks such as coffee or tea, try lemon water from now on, and also get the benefit of zero calories when you drink it. Together with its property of cleaning out your colon, lemon water's effect on your hunger cravings is a one-two combination in the effort to help you reduce weight.

For those who weigh less than 150 pounds, squeeze half a lemon’s worth of juice into a glass of water. If over 150 pounds, use an entire lemon’s juice. You can of course dilute the lemon juice more, depending on your personal taste. Not only are the benefits of lemon water endless, it’s one of the most substantial yet simple changes you can make for your health.


Peter Pilotto S/S 2013
The key print highlights from the recent London Fashion Week catwalk shows. Here are the strongest print trend highlights for Spring/Summer 2013. Collage mix and match statements – Twisted Baroque-style plays – Pattern clashes – Bold graphic geo prints – Modern take on folkloric motifs.

Clements Ribeiro S/S 2013
Updated antique prints – Large scale blooms – Tie dye hem effects – Graphic stripe and check mixes – Lace pattern allover prints

Issa London S/S 2013
Tropical visual experiments – Amazonian gardens – Colour enhances botanical and tropical prints – Large scale expression – Tropical birds  - Artist studies

Holly Fulton S/S 2013
Bold Deco graphic styling  - Grids, dots and geometric mixes – Historic Hollywood references – Digital deco pattern work – Summer stripes

House of Holland S/S 2013
Grunge pop prints – Vibrant hyper colour blotch print effects – Tie-dye effects – Checks and large scale florals – Hip 60′s summer festival prints

Jasper Conran S/S 2013
Flower power aesthetic – large scale Painted floral placements – Layered prints – Extreme Patchwork – Pattern mixes

Louise Gray S/S 2013
Destructed pattern – News print prints – Punk attitude – Cut and paste pattern – Vibrant and powerful colour plays – Overprinted effects

Monday, September 23, 2013


There are a couple of interesting similarities between the London Fashion Week spring 2014 and New York Fashion Week collections. One of them is the strong focus on athletic influences, which defined the lines of many brands. If New York Fashion Week focused on the casual side of style, at the London fashion shows, sportswear accents were merged with elegant vibes, for a completely different vibe.

Geometric Cuts & Patterns at Preen
Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi brought minimalism and athletic influences into the spotlight in their spring 2014 collection. The line brought simple asymmetric dresses with clean cut details, a myriad of geometric color block prints and a multitude of elegant yet sporty accents. The color palette revolved around cornflower blue, florescent and pastel pink tones, crisp white and dramatic grey and black tones.

Japanese Influences at David Koma
Japanese martial arts have inspired David Koma's spring 2014 line. The designer envisioned a “strong elegant warrior” and brought a variety of cool geometric dresses with an instantly noticeable sexy vibe. Many times, the creations had a strong futuristic vibe due to the strong focus on asymmetry, the bold cutouts and the leather and bonded neoprene accents. The daring cutouts brought an additional sexy vibe to the new looks. Though black and white combos were preferred in the first part of the show, in the second half, the label brought cream and bold blue tones for more diversity.

Androgonity at Erdem
Designer Erdem Moralioglu, who typically focuses on ladylike designs, explored androgynous influences in his spring 2014 line: “I’m really interested in the idea of a girl dressing like a boy, and a boy dressing like a girl,” he explained. The idea was reflected through simple silhouettes, asymmetry, sporty accents and a strong focus on black and white. Among the main highlights of the show were moto jackets, sweatshirts, cool warp skirts, tulle dresses or ostrich feather accents. 

Abstract Prints at Michael van der Ham
For designer Michael van der Ham the spring 2014 collection was, in a way, a continuation of his resort 2014 line, featuring a multitude of opulent fabrics. Once again, the designer combined contrasting textures, using his multi-layered patchwork signature and focused on strong, structured silhouettes. The designer favored a dark color palette of navy, black, ash gray, with occasional lime and coral accents. Pattern-wise, abstract motifs dominated, though mash-ups of zebra and leopard prints were also spotted.

Sportswear Vibes at Pringle of Scotland
The Pringle of Scotland spring 2014 line presented at the Connaught Hotel was also inspired by the idea of opposites, but at a different level: “mixing activewear with old-school tailoring”, with a strong focus on knitwear. The new line brought geometric shapes, mesh details, abstract prints and argyle motifs defined the new looks. The line brought a multitude of chic, modern pieces that could be easily incorporated in any cool girl's wardrobe.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


From camouflage prints to military inspired jackets, designers showed an array of army chic designs. If camo is too bold for your taste, try an olive blazer or bold, metal belt. I especially like how Prabal added a feminine feel to the trend with a peplum jacket.

Thanks to the resurrection of the nineties, beanies are back in a big way. They’re not just for keeping your head warm. They add an edgy factor to any look, even an evening gown! Of course, this look isn’t for everyone. But as Kate Spade showed, even girlie-girls can try out the trend.

You can never go wrong with a classic camel coat. And thanks to all the options on the runways, there will be plenty to choose from come fall. I personally like the belted versions. They help create an hourglass shape even when you’re all bundled up.

Amidst a sea of black, it was refreshing to see pops of pink on the runway. And it was just any pink, it was a deep, bold color that screamed to be noticed. You can wear the color on its own, or pair it with contrasting red for a high fashion look.

The 50 Shades of Grey craze may have died down, but the neutral is heating up in fashion. Pantone, the color authority, calls the color “Turbulence.” There’s a gray for everything from muted to charcoal. I particularly liked how Oscar de la Renta added a pop of color to with blue accents.

This was the first season in a while that I didn’t see too much boho on the runways. But not to fear my hippie loving fashionistas. There were designers who delivered a gypsy chic collection. The nomadic traveler looks were relaxed, layered and in a darker color palette that represented the season.

I’m thrilled houndstooth has made a comeback. The print is such a classic, yet designers still found a way to reinvent it for fall. I particularly liked the mixed prints at Trina Turk and use of color at Oscar de la Renta. The easiest way to wear this trend is with a houndstooth jacket. You can pair it with a LBD at the office and with leather leggings or jeans over the weekend.

While black was the most prevalent color at New York Fashion Week, winter white certainly held it’s own. Lighten up with an ivory sweater, dress or even a suit (another big trend for fall). When it comes to footwear, pair your outfit with a metallic heel or black leather to make it seasonal.

Black was the biggest color for fall. To keep things interesting, take note of how designers played with fabrics. Mixing leather, sheer, and shine makes a head-to-toe black outfit anything but boring. Since I’m a fan of color, I particularly liked how Calvin Klein added a subtle pop of pink with lipstick to brighten the jet black trend.

When the weather get cooler, it’s hard not to want to curly up in cozy knits. This fall, designers are showing just how chic that feeling can be. Sweaters and turtlenecks were paired with long skirts for an elegant yet laid back look. Dress it up with a statement necklace or make it more casual by adding a leather jacket to the mix.

Everything leather is on trend for fall. I especially loved all the leather sleeves seen on jackets, dresses and coats. It gave just a touch of edge. And was right in line with the season’s mixed texture trend.

Ready to fly high for Fall? Because feathers were all over the runways! While a full-on plumage dress might be a little much for every day, you can easily incorporate a feathered skirt into your holiday looks!

From thin velvet to oversize satin, bows were all over the Fall 203 runway. I personally like a medium size bow at the neck of a blouse or dress, as seen at Jill Stuart. If you’re not into bows on clothing, try the trend on accessories!

Russia provided inspiration for designers across the board for Fall 2013. Christian Siriano looked to the Russian Opera, resulting in opulent velvet, faux fur and metallics. Tadashi gave his clothing a snowy feel, inspired by pre-revolutionary Russia. Ralph Lauren’s looks had an imperial touch, topped with large fuzzy hats, while Clover Canyon went into excess with lavish prints.

Just about every suit was shown on the New York runways: cropped pant suits, 70s-inspired 3-piece suits, dressy skirt suits and sporty skirt suits. Translation? Basically any type of suit works for 2013. The great part about investing in a suit is you can wear the pieces as separates. The minute I saw Christian Siriano’s metallic number, I instantly wanted to pair the blazer with skinny jeans.

From taxi cab colored coats to actual taxi accessories (see my Kate Spade video), yellow was bolder than ever for fall. Some designers added a green tint to the color, making it more chartreuse, while other kept it vibrant like a lemon. Most paired the hue with black, adding bold contrast for cooler seasons.

Designers took a walk on the wild side with all types of animal prints. Some, like Tracy Reese, even mixed patterns! While leopard is still a classic, I was particularly drawn to the use of zebra for fall. You can wear it as a print or as a animal motif as seen on a handbag at Alice + Olivia.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Like any other great thing in life, a happy relationship is hard to maintain. No matter how strong your feelings are, if you break the main rules for a good relationship, you could lose a great shot to the love of your life. 

There are things a good relationship needs and signs of a happy relationship that even experts in couple therapy acknowledge and promote, after years of experience in the intimate relationships field. Here are a few tips for a fashionable good relationship that could help you enjoy a truly magical love with your soul mate!

One of the main rules for a happy relationship is to say you're sorry. Don't focus on who's right or wrong, you're not competitors, you play on the same team. Learn to let go!

Be positive and don't complain about everything in your life. If you must free your soul, talk to a friend. If you need change in your relationship, ask for solutions, not mercy.

When you don't know what your lover is thinking, just ask. Make sure all the communication channels stay open, otherwise you can both drown in your own silence.

Don't take your partner's love for granted. Take care of the way you look and feel, he'll always be attracted to you, and you'll be confident enough not to be jealous or frustrated.

Boredom is not among the things a good relationship needs. Learn a new language together, plan a trip, change restaurants, ENJOY love in crazy places or just do something different every day.

Fights are constructive for a good relationship because they take out frustration and stimulate solution seeking. When you argue with your lover, remember to always be polite and respect him. 

No matter how angry or proud you are, control your language and don't hurt his feelings, especially in public. He'll love you for your kindness and elegance, especially if it is shown during difficult times.

You only need a few seconds to start your day with a smile. Hug, kiss and caress your lover as often as you can, even if it doesn't lead to sex. 

This way, you are both "invaded" by oxytocin, the happy hormone, that gives you the strong and happy relationship feeling.

If you want to receive, first offer! There is no spare place for selfishness in a good relationship, so always be willing to give, without asking nothing in return.

No matter how long you live together, never stop dating. 

 The best signs of a happy relationship are those special moments spent together, in intimacy, eating at a fancy restaurant or taking a walk in the park, just talking, laughing, holding hands and sharing feelings.