Friday, January 25, 2013


The Pronovias Glamour Bridal Collection for 2013 is probably one of the most extensive bridal collections out there. There are some special dresses like a halter-neck dress and a high-neck dress but the vast majority are the strapless bustier gowns. 
 This is without a doubt the most popular wedding dress style nowadays and Pronovias understands this very well. If you want to tie the knot in this style then look no further, Pronovias definitely has the right dress for you! Of course there are a couple of one-shoulder looks and even dresses with shoulder straps, but with this collection Pronovias has really focused on the strapless bustier gown and so will we. 

 The skirts are versatile with ruffles, layers, plain taffeta or lace appliqué. The most popular style for the skirts of these strapless bustier gowns seems to be the normal A-line skirt. However, if you want to show off your curves, there are a few mermaid dresses to be found in this collection as well.

 When it comes to the bustier tops, some of the dresses have embellishments around the waist or right under the bust. Both locations have the same purpose: drawing the attention to the narrowest part of your body—your waist.

 Other dresses feature some embellishments towards the left or right side of the waist in the shape of some flowers. The goal is essentially the same: Show off your hourglass shape. Exactly how tiny your waist is, is even further emphasized by the big A-line skirts. After all, nothing shows off a tiny waist like a big puffy skirt.

  It’s all in the juxtaposition! Two of the strapless bustier dresses have a dropped waist, accentuated by either some rhinestones on the side for an asymmetric look or a horizontal embellishment with both ruffles and rhinestones. Most dresses have a small train of no more than half a meter, but some of them take it one step further and sport a respectable train of around one meter. Perfect for a bride who loves a dramatic look!

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