Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The secret of pimple control lies in prevention.
You should strive to prevent the formation of pimples before they become visible on your face. In order to achieve this, caring for your skin is not enough. You will need to use products that are specially designed for your skin type and avoid products which are not connected with the skin, but can cause significant damage.

Greasy lotions and makeup clog the pores. Allowing the fats and sweat to pass through the pores of our skin unobstructed, we are in fact preventing formation of pimples. When using fatty lotions and creams, little cysts form under the surface of the skin and clog the pores. Never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. To avoid further damage to your skin, use a makeup removal tonic which does not contain fats.

Alcohol is bad for you
Alcohol is often among the ingredients of cosmetic products, especially cleansers, but it irritates the skin. It also dries out the upper layer of the skin and can induce the formation of grease layers which overproduce sebum in an attempt to restore the skin’s balance. This turns the skin dry and causes redness and itchiness. In many cases this is prerequisite for new pimple formation. This is why we recommend that you avoid the use of products containing alcohol.

Use perfume carefully
Perfume is one of the reasons for the skin’s allergic reactions. The most popular ingredients in perfume that irritate the skin are musk, amber and cinnamate. There are many perfumes which do not irritate and are safer to use on a sensitive skin. Test the products before you buy them, dabbing a little on the inner part of your arm, where the skin is at its most sensitive. If the treated area shows no signs of reddening, the product is safe and you can use it without fear of an allergic reaction.

Hair styling products
Hair styling and hair care products can affect the condition of your skin if you do not use them correctly. When applying such products to your hair, always protect the skin close to it from contact. Do not use hair styling products before physical activity, because sweat will spread traces of the product onto your face and contaminate it.

Avoid the use of iodine.
Do not take vitamin supplements which exceed the recommended daily amount of iodine (around 150mcg). Small amounts of iodine are not harmful to the skin, but exceeding the daily amount can cause serious problems.

Healthy habits for healthy skin
Rest and avoiding stress are two factors which can be counted among the preventive measures for problem skin. Take a few minutes to enjoy life every day. Breathe deeply or lie down. This will relax your body and mind.

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