Monday, May 9, 2011


The well known fashion house Versace has managed to develop and maintain a great reputation in the fashion industry

The new fabulous creation signed Versace spring/summer 2011 collection is a demonstration of the talent and quality Versace has accumulated during so many years of involvement in the fashion industry.

The colors, fabrics as well as the cuts and the accessories are trying to bring and implement a touch of modernism to the collection so it is perfectly balanced, matching the moment and still exuding a great amount of vintage style.
Dresses dominate the collection and they are absolutely amazing. The dresses focus on the fabulous shape of the body and are trying to add attention towards the traits which make women seductive. The waist and the legs are the main focus elements so if you have a lovely waist and gorgeous legs, these dresses would make a perfect match and there are a variety of style to choose from.
Versace has always created clothes that enhance femininity and maintain a high amount of eye catching style.

Shorts are a definite must have as they bring comfort and style instantly without too much fuss. The shorts are very simple and offer a casual-chic look which is perfect from day to evening.

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