Friday, March 30, 2012


The right dressing can do wonders.

Right clothes:
No matter,if your going to a lounge party or to the store around the corner. Dress right!

Do's and Dont's:
It is most important factor,if your comfortable with your clothes, you won't have to worry about it and your efficiency in other things would be 100%
Give a try:
Just because it looked good on mannequin doesn't mean it would look right on you.Give a try before buying it.if you do not have time,avoid shopping.Better to avoid rather than cribbing later!
Right color:
Observe the colors that go with your skin.White,black,lime,beiges,yellow suits the Indian skin more!
Avoid large prints,that might look awkward at times. Go for simple,subtle designs that gives a pleasant feel!
Tall: If you are taller and feel like out of box, avoid shorter dresses, it might make you look taller than you are!
If you are short, stick to single color,it will make you look taller. Avoid capris pants,it will make you look shorter. Go for full length or shorts.
Avoid lose hanging clothes:
If you are few extra pounds, it might make you look fatter. If you are lean,it would make you look sick.
Avoid body hugging clothes:
If you have a flab around your waist.Just don't!
Avoid the clothes you are not comfortable with:
If you can't carry spaghetti or tank tops, never give a try if your attending a party, it might leave you embarrassed. Dress Smart! Watch the magic!

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