Monday, June 9, 2014


 With his collections being barely three years on the runway he seems to have gathered much attention with his seemingly ‘overnight’ success. But truthfully Vauthier studied his craft and perfected his skills for many years before starting his own line.

Alexandre says: “I worked a lot and have even more work to do. But I love it! I am curious to learn, to propose, and above all be part of this piece of incredible human history”.

He started at Thierry Mugler's studio after graduation. Then spent eight years working as head designer of the Jean Paul Gaultier couture team.  Working alongside two of the most iconic French fashion designers gave him the necessary knowledge to start his own line. In 2009 he presented his first collection, full of astro-style shoulders and patent leather obi belts.

Vauthier proposes a strong shape statement and flawless architecture of clothing to enhance a woman's character. His creations are not for withering flowers or fashion addicted hipsters. “I design for different women, with different styles, backgrounds, and cultures but that have one thing in common: a strong personal style. All my clients are unique and have different characteristics”. Vauthier is fully committed to his idea of what enhances a woman's figure: “I try to give strength to soft silhouettes. Balance is key. A woman is made of all existing emotions. Strong or fragile, the clothes must accompany that”. 

 Despite the fact that his designs have been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, Vauthier is very humble about the exposure: “I am very happy because I love them.

 They inspire me because of their strength, talent, workmanship, and energy. I am just delighted they like my work and clothes“.

 The gold mini dress Beyoncé wore during her performance at Glastonbury was splashed all over the media, for it's glamorous appearance as well as exposure of the songstress famous body part.

 Vauthier is optimistic about the future of his couture line and the industry as a whole. “We will always need extraordinary luxury and difference even in a global society.” 

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