Monday, November 24, 2014


The Pronovias Group is a Spanish organization that was formed in 1964, with its headquarters in Barcelona and subsidiaries in four other countries, including the United States. 

Unlike most wedding designers, this is a family owned international organization of more than 700 employees and 150 stores around the world. 

This company loves using a mixture of silk and lace most of the time, and it works wonderfully, whether the dresses are strapless or not. 

Even those dresses with corset style bodices seemed like they would be comfortable for any bride to wear, and the mixture of either mermaid or princess style silhouettes were all very feminine and magnificently presented. 

Some of the mermaid silhouettes flared from the waist, while others flared from the hips; both styles worked great.

Every single wedding dress displayed sexuality, and would make it difficult to take your eyes away from the bride.

Luxurious to a fault, one can see many traditional Spanish touches in them, which isn't totally surprising.

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