Thursday, February 5, 2015


The first date is your opportunity to make an unforgettable first impression. Though it's your personality that should ultimately be the deciding factor, it's no secret that one's appearance is important. If, however, you dress well - at the minimum, this means simply paying attention to your wardrobe and looking clean and polished - you stand a great chance of impressing your date

There are several factors that tie into what one should wear on a first date. Similar to any other occasion, the two most important are the weather and the environment. If, for example, you're headed to a park on a hot summer day, you would clearly need to dress with comfort in mind. On the other hand, if you're ice skating at an outdoor arena in the winter, you will have to bundle up.

Another factor to consider is fit. Nothing is more important for men or for women. Clothing that fits properly is far more likely to flatter your overall look and put you in the most presentable light possible than clothing that is ill-fitting or even just slightly constricting. Forgo the too-snug sweaters and slightly too-short pants. If ever there was a great time to look your very best, it's a first date.

You'll want to dress for the occasion, or lack of occasion. These tips will help you choose wisely, based on where you're headed.

Casual lunch dates don't require you to dress to the nines. If you're headed to a chain restaurant, a coffee shop or a laid-back deli, stick with a pair of pressed khakis and a smart button-down shirt, unbuttoned at the top to keep it ultra casual.

Fancy dinner dates, such as those that require reservations at more upscale establishments, do require more attention. Most of these restaurants have dress codes to begin with, so you'll need to dress with that in mind, too. A chic suit with a great cut in a dark color is suitable (and yes, you should wear a tie).

Movie theater dates are especially common for the very first get together. It's easy, it's relaxed and it's in a relatively social setting. You may plan on heading out to eat before or after the film, so dress with that point in mind. 

There's no need to go all out - jeans with a great fit (forgo the baggy, extra-slouchy cuts at all costs), a tucked-in polo or button-down shirt and a jacket is a suitable outfit choice. 

If you're headed to a restaurant dinner later (as opposed to a casual diner-style setting), consider a sport coat - it will add a level of polish to the look, even with denim.
Just as you shouldn't under-dress, you shouldn't overdo it either. Your date might be overwhelmed to see you in a luxurious tuxedo for a dinner date. If you're headed somewhere fancy and an extra-dressy ensemble is absolutely required, be sure your date is aware beforehand!

Your footwear and socks are important. If you're wearing sandals, lose the socks. If you're wearing a great pair of shiny dress shoes, by all means leave the white socks behind. Your shoes should be clean and neat, not scruffy and dirty.

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