Tuesday, March 12, 2019


After weathering two major cheating scandals with Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian will be guarding her heart for a while.

Almost a month after her world was rocked by the news that Thompson, 27, had hooked up with her longtime family friend Jordyn Woods,  Kardashian, 34, is “doing okay” — but certainly won’t be jumping back into the dating scene anytime soon.

“She just needs time,” says the source. “It’s going to take so long for her to rebuild trust with anyone.”

Though she initially forgave him, they had been living apart since the fall and an insider recently told PEOPLE that things “never really went back to normal” between the couple.

“It will take her a long time to date again,”. “A significant amount of time.”

On March 1, Woods, 21, shared her side of the story in a tell-all interview, claiming that Thompson kissed her at an afterparty at his house on Feb. 17. 

Though she adamantly denied having sex with him, she admitted that the next day, while she told her best friend Kylie Jenner, 21, and Kardashian that she had been at Thompson’s house, she didn’t disclose what had happened between them.

Kardashian initially slammed Woods on Twitter after the interview, blaming her for breaking up her family, but softened her tone a day later and placed the fault instead on Thompson.

Guys may come and go.

The bond between the [sisters] is never going away,” the source added. “And they’re committed to supporting each other.”

 The mother of one appears to be doing her best to move on with her life

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