Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just because you are getting older does not mean that you have to dress in drab and boring clothing.

But, you are getting older and it is no longer appropriate to dress in the same clothes as students in high school.

You can still be fashion forward while dressing age appropriate.

Learning how to dress your age is a skill everyone needs to master.

Not only will you look more respectable if you dress your age, you will also feel better about yourself as you are comfortable with your clothing.


If you are in your twenties you should avoid wearing outfits that are too traditional.

This is not saying that you should avoid wearing a well-made suit or a collared button-down shirt, but you will need to stay away from accessories that remind people of their grandfathers.

If you are really drawn to the style of older men, try pairing those fashion items with more contemporary and trendy clothing.

This way, not only do you dress your age, you can also show off your creativity.


This is not the time for you to have drastic fashion experiments. If you, like most people, are advancing in your career in your 30s, you should avoid items that draw too much attention.

 When you are in your 30s, to dress your age will mean owning tailored trousers, fitted jackets, and at least two pairs of straight leg dark jeans.

Instead of sneakers, wear comfortable loafers for weekends.

Since 30s is now the new 20s, you may dress your age and still have room to exercise your creativity.


To dress your age in the 40s, you should bear in mind that you will want to appear respectable.

This will require simple clothing with a good cutting that flatters your body shape.

Experiment with a wide variety of clothing items when you are young so you will know what looks good on you, and be able to take the knowledge with you as you age.


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