Friday, October 8, 2010


Sometimes, there's a fashion trend that seems so wrong but everyone is doing it so you suddenly start questioning whether you should try it too. 

 I'm talking about socks with sandals, shoes or heels

There are a few ways of wearing socks with high heels. You can go with long or short socks, with pumps or strappy heels.  There are a lot of possiblities but you have to be wise with your choices. 

The stripes are too kiddie and don't match her dress.  You don't want to look like a twelve-year-old girl so go for a look like Agness Deyn or Sarah Jessica Parker's.  The patterns are funky but mature.  Agness Deyn's silver lace pumps are so amazing and her motor cycle jacket and cocktail dress go perfectly with the knee high socks. 

Anna Sui embraced the socks with heels look and I love how the socks are short and colorful.   I love the short sun dresses as well but  it would be fine to rock the look with knee length skirts as well.

rock what you got but try to keep it girly and mature like Anna Sui's take on the trend. Are you going to go with the socks and high heels trend  or stick with the flip flops


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