Monday, March 21, 2011


A dose of eccentricity, a constant desire to bring glamor and originality to new heights and a total commitment for breath-taking designs have become undeniable trademarks for the Manolo Blahnik brand.

 The spring summer 2011 collection is definitely up to the standards imposed by the brand, with just the right dose of quirkiness with a series of fabulous summer-inspired details
 The spring summer 2011 collection is extremely comprehensive featuring several options that might interest fashionistas who want to bring a little glamor into their lives.
 Bold, eccentric designs or classic designs, modern touches seem to be the main categories of style influences to choose from.
 The Manolo Blahnik brand does an amazing job when it comes to picking the mainstream fashion trends and turning them around by filtering them through a whole new vision.
 The results speak for themselves as all the designs presented have a real potential to impress.

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