Saturday, March 19, 2011


Bombing your dentition with chemicals might give you many troubles. These natural teeth whitening remedies will furnish you with the easiest and most efficient methods to get rid of dark spots. Get a radiant smile by pampering your teeth with these green cleansing treatments.

Olive Oil
If you’re keen to opt for the safest natural teeth whitener use olive oil. This natural vegetable oil is perfect to remove the various dark stains and residues from your dentition. Use a clean cotton cloth and dip it into olive oil. The next step is to rub your teeth with this lotion. Try your hand at this soothing and harmless remedy for safe teeth bleaching.

Orange Peels
There’s no need for super-expensive treatments to have sparkling white teeth. Citrus fruits are used in skin and body as well as dental care. In order to have a spotless smile it is important to take full advantage of the natural teeth whitening effect of orange peels. Take the inside of the orange peels and rub your teeth with them. Then wash off the peel residues with cold water.

Dried Bay Leaves
Prepare a fabulous mixture of 2 tsp of powdered or dried Bay leaves and 2 tsp of powdered orange peel. Apply some of the powder on your toothbrush and start washing your teeth with it. Keep on rubbing the mixture into your teeth for 4-5 minutes. Then you can rinse it off with cold water.

White Vinegar
Similarly to apple cider vinegar you can also use white vinegar to cleanse your teeth from dark spots. Thanks to the natural bleaching effect of vinegar you’ll be able to have a spotless dentition only after a few occasions. Apply a few drops of vinegar on your toothbrush and start washing your teeth with it. Finish up the dental spa session by washing off the vinegar with cold water.


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