Thursday, June 30, 2011


A wedding day is more likely to be one of the most precious days in their life. Therefore, brides are waiting to look and feel their best.

Every bride should wear makeup. Even as a bride to be mostly does wear makeup – on her wedding day, a game must be worn!Bridal make-up should not radically change the appearance of a bride.

This is should simply enhance the natural beauty of a woman and still look like the person once they had the wedding makeup applied.

A bride should look like it is, and feel satisfied with her makeup and not cause wheezing when a girl totally different looking emerges through the door and in the driveway!
Bridal makeup and hair today should be mild and sober. The effect is sexier, less harsh. Hair can be worn with flowing curls and loose waves. The bun that once conquered the bride scene hair looks so much sweeter.

Updo style of today is not sprayed, pinned, and hidden to hide all the loose hair. The light fell and ruffled, leaving it soft and elegant. The hairstyle should be romantic.

Sometimes the simplest wedding makeup is the best! Wear a foundation flawless base. It’s so important that if you wanna get the perfect picture of your wedding. It gives you a good base and even the color.

You can choose from liquid foundations or tablets made from cream. Even the mineral makeup powder is ideal for wedding makeup, because it lasts all day!

Give your lips a hint of brightness or color of light for a pretty pout! Kissing lips will naturally lead to the breathtaking beauty makeup for your wedding!

Apply a light translucent powder to sensitive areas of the face to shine. Today, the bride wants to show its beauty in a natural setting, so sensual.

Make-up can provide the bride confidence and simple elegance that will be remembered often.


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