Friday, June 17, 2011


The wide selection of sun hats for women allows women to select from the most casual beach sun hat to a dressy sun hat.
More than anything it is imperative to ensure sun protection with sun hats as a means of protecting oneself from the danger of the sun's rays.

The big brimmed hat is comfortable floppy and made from durable yet light weight cotton canvas.

If attending a garden party or other social event out of doors in the sun a great choice from the collection of top sun hats for women for summer
Not only are sun hats adorable, they help keep you cool and shade your skin from UV damage—these are the 5 styles we're lusing after this summer. Now, all you need is sunscreen and a bikini and you're ready to go

With the sun shining bright—and getting brighter and more scorching by the day—now is just the right time to test out some sassy new head toppers.

Yup, from the uber-dramatic floppy version that's oh-so-au courant to a flirty trilby that trumps Royal Wedding party territory.

Best of all, that pretty little summer hat will protect your even prettier face (rays today, raisins tomorrow, right ladies?). Behold, the top toppers to make the cut!

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