Monday, June 27, 2011


This cake is made up of strawberry and the vanilla extract. It is very delicious cake. The people who like the strawberry they really love it a lot.

Strawberries   : – half cup
Milk   : – half cup
Butter  : – half cup
Vanilla extract   : – 2 tea spoon
Purpose flour   : – one and half cup
Icing sugar    : – 70 gms
Vanilla Pudding Cup   : – one cup
Cheese or paneer   : – 20 gms
White sugar  : – 50 gms

Method of Preparation
  1. take a Powder sugar in a pot and liquefy the strawberries in it
  2. In another bowl make the cream by beating the sugar and butter.
  3. Then add the cheese or paneer. Then add the. Mix the vanilla pudding and also mix the strawberries which is thawed in the powder sugar
  4. Then include the flour and the baking powder and whisk it properly.
  5. To make the above batter little smooth add some milk in it.
  6. Take a pan and grease it.
  7. Keep the batter onto the pan and bake it for 45 minutes.
  8. Now allow it to cool and then you can eat it.

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